11 kW Bidirectional Modular Power Unit

Ref. BMPU-R2-440-30



Active and reactive grid power regulation
Current and voltage battery regulation
Integrated fuses (AC and DC)
Integrated forced air cooling with fan speed control
Integrated protections including AC and DC pre-charge, OCP, OTP and UVLO
CANopen compatible digital bus with advanced monitoring
Advanced metering on each phase

Designed for smart grid (V2G, V2H, V2L) applications, BMPU-R2-440-30 is a modular grid-tied power supply capable of bidirectional conversion between AC (grid) and DC (EV battery). Its innovative 4-phases design enables operation in three-phase 16A (with or without neutral) or single phase 32A. This module supports 3 modes: G2V (charging battery from grid), V2G (discharging battery into the grid), V2L (creating AC grid using battery power).

BMPU-R2 is the latest generation of our greatly renowned BMPU series of V2G converters, deployed as part of the Smart Fossil Free island (with Renault at Porto Santo).

Our BMPU-R2 technology has been awarded “Seal of Excellence” by European Council with 4 patents filings under the IPA4SME program.

Electrical characteristics

Dimensions19” rack, 2U, 358mm depth (or as a 448 x 358 x 88 mm converter without handles)
AC side400Vᴀᴄ 4-phases AC (3P+N+PE or 2P + PE or 3P + PE), 50-60 Hz
DC side240-440 V
DC current±32A
Output power±11kVA
EfficiencyUp to 95%
Power factorProgrammable
Operating temperature-10°C to 70°C