Converting Power Into Confidence

Smart Grid Charging Solution

Giving the global market share for electric vehicle ($75.7 billion in 2017 to around $127.7 billion by 2022, BBC Research), and particularly in development of smart grid EV chargers applications, Watt & Well is already investing to design the next generation power electronics equipment to sustain constructors market share forecast. This includes the design of efficient V2X applications such as: vehicle to grid (V2G), vehicle to load (V2L) and vehicle to home (V2H).

The engineers of Watt & Well are currently developing BMPU-11, an 11 kW Bidirectional AC/DC Modular Power Unit.

The innovation behind this product lies in the power density management. It includes high frequency switching to downsize magnetics (100-300 kHz), the use of wide bandgap switches and resonant topologies to get the best efficiency while remaining reliable in many operational environments (heat, EMI, resilience to grid behavior, noise, moisture). The power efficiency not only required to save power, but also to enable cooling the rack by a moderate forced airflow (fans).

Watt & Well delivered its first prototype on May 2018.