Converting Power Into Confidence
CentraleSupélec students visiting Watt and well

The visit of the CentraleSupélec students


Keywords: alumni, grandes écoles, power conversion field, power electronics studies, passion for technology, recruiting talents, academic excellence


Discovering the laboratory with expert engineers

Watt & Well opened its engineering lab to the CentraleSupelec students attending the power conversion courses. The opportunity for them to experience the profession of power electronics engineers. The occasion for Watt & Well to remind academic talents that power electronics is a discipline of excellence with a promising future. Indeed, the major technical, economic and environmental challenges ahead will find their solution in electronics.


The CTO, Maël Guilbaud, graduated in power conversion at CentraleSupélec. As part of the CentraleSupelec alumni, he was glad to see curiosity in the eyes of the students during the technical demonstrations.  The engineering era holds great potential!

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