EV charging Infrastructure

To charge an EV’s battery, the alternating current (AC) – typically 230 VAC and 50 Hz in Europe from the network grid must be converted to direct current (DC). When EV is plugged into the AC grid, the conversion is done by the converter embedded within the car. When the EV is plugged into a DC outlet, the power conversion is embedded within a charging station.

As the price of batteries decreases, car manufacturers increase battery capacity:  they increasingly offer a longer driving range (>400 km) and faster charging options (150 kW or more). The EV fast charging infrastructure then becomes essential to increase the EV market. Watt & Well is providing charging modules that are critical subsystems of DC charging stations. Find more information on our EU-made charging modules.

EV Power Train & On-Board Charger

The powertrain refers to all the systems generating power in the vehicle and its delivery to the wheels. One of the great advantages of an electric powertrain is its simplicity compared to an internal combustion engine.

In an electrified vehicle, there are several power electronics systems involved in the flow of power between the electric grid, the batteries (or fuel cells), and the electric engine, such as a n on-board charger, DC-DC converters or inverters.

At Watt & Well we can help you develop these solutions, explore innovative concepts, build quickly prototypes or participate in the whole development process of a new equipment. Please check our Services & Custom Development page and contact us!

Smart Grid ESS & V2G

Smart grid technologies are an alternative to the replacement or reinforcement of electric grids. Solutions such as Energy Stationary Storage (ESS) and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) provide flexible and distributed energy buffers to help integrate renewable energy sources and better manage the grids.

Both ESS and V2G require bidirectional AC/DC converters to charge and discharge the batteries in the grids. At Watt&Well we are committed to participate in the ESS/V2G ecosystem by providing high performance bidirectional charging modules to manage the flow of energy from the batteries to the grid and deliver the widest range of energy services. Please check our page dedicated to EV bidirectional DC charging modules and please contact us to discuss your project. If you are involved in ESS projects which require innovative power electronics systems, we would be very pleased to partner with you. Please check our Services & Custom Development page and contact us!

Heavy Duty vehicles, Trucks and Bus

Electric mobility is a global trend, and not only passenger cars are benefiting from it. More and more, the manufacturers of Heavy duty vehicles, trucks & buses are showing interest for hybrid or pure electric powertrains.

Some solutions may derive from automotive products, but these vehicles will also require specific systems to be deployed. At Watt & Well, we see very promising potential from innovative systems to allow for example the implementation of a fuel cell in a truck. This requires for example high power DC-DC converters. We also think that buses have the potential to see promising applications of V2G solutions.

At Watt&Well we can help you develop these solutions, explore innovative concepts, build quickly prototypes or participate in the whole development process of a new equipment. Please check our Services & Custom Development page and contact us!

They trust us

Watt & Well has been the ideal partner throughout the development of our innovative charger. The engineers come up with accurate proposals during specifications reviews. They are proactive in the project management while consistent with the QCD. During the vehicle integration, the technical support was flawless. Their strength: technical expertise, project management, professionalism, and their communicative passion !

. RENAULT – Didier DERUY, Innovation Project Leader – Electric Vehicle .

“Analog Devices, Inc. have engaged with WATT&WELL to work on a range of high-end, SiC MOSFET based power converters. We challenged WATT&WELL to develop the next generation of both hardware design platforms and software control models and simulations, and the resulting solution delivered all the requirements on time and with outstanding work quality. Demonstrating their expertise, WATT&WELL went the extra mile by sharing their know-how in power electronics systems and providing new ideas that will create ongoing influence for future designs and developments. With a dynamic and multi-cultural team, WATT&WELL are a reliable partner whenever you need fast, accurate and innovative solutions.”

. ANALOG DEVICES – Stefano GALLINARO, Strategic Marketing Manager .

“Matra M&S called upon WATT&WELL to improve the command algorithms of a synchronous in-wheel motor used for electrically assisted bikes. Thanks to WATT&WELL’s skills and expertise, this project not only has enabled us to increase the system’s efficiency, but also to add a number of sophisticated control modes that would help customize the final application. During this project, the WATT&WELL Team was able to adapt itself to the characteristics of our work environment and of our methods. Both teams could find the best means of combining their resources in order to keep within the cost objectives and the project’s schedule.”

. MATRA M&S – Gilles CHELARD, Technical Director .

“WATT&WELL proved to be a caring partner for the technical solutions as well as for respecting its engagements. The quality of follow-up, of upholding the initial planning, and the interactivity of its teams puts Watt & Well on a high level of professionalism, which is a source for Renault’s satisfaction”

. RENAULT – Samuel CREGUT, Research and advanced power electronics project manager .

"The V2G ZOEs, equipped with Watt & Well reversible on-board chargers, will be installed in several sites in Europe, in order to show and validate various business cases of V2G in the electrical market. Through this development, Watt & Well has proven their technical skills and expertise in the development of such high-performance chargers, needed to provide Energy Services to Grid Operators."

Yasmine Assef, Program Director for New Energy Business, Groupe Renault