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Power Modules

Watt & Well offers innovative power units which are highly modular, efficient and easy-to-integrate with optional cybersecurity features. Being an innovative power electronics company, Watt & Well is committed to provide AC/DC converters for every type of DC charging stations, including very fast charging or V2G.

Our MPU is a V1G charger which offers all resources required to speed up the fast charger integration and reduce the investment required for the EVSE manufacturers. MPU-R3 offers a high level of ergonomics and an open platform for operation. We can provide premium engineering services to help our customers reach the market faster. This product has been integrated by several charging stations manufacturers.

Our BMPU is a highly innovative power unit for the V2G, V2H, V2B markets which offer an optimal architecture and digital processing to provide the widest range of energy services. Our bidirectional power units benefit from all the previous experience gained in the V1G market. Watt & Well is a pioneer in V2G PU technology, as demonstrated for the first real-scale experiments with Groupe RENAULT in Europe (Utrecht and Porto Santo in 2019). Watt & Well has built a strong network across the V2G value chain and proposes unique engineering services to boost its customers’ EV expansion.

Watt & Well has the facilities to design, test and manufacture highly technological products in France, and the potential to scale-up internationally thanks to its experienced team, external experts and sales force including its subsidiary in the US.

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