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Watt & Well offers reliable, efficient and easy-to-integrate supply equipment communication controllers (SECC) and EV Charging Controllers (EVCC).

Our dual standard SECC is one of the best technology in the market, with the most advanced EV charging services for DC charging stations in particular fast charging and V2G. With its simple architecture, the integration is quick and easy for EVSE manufacturers. The compatibility with future charging station management systems of CPOs and with future vehicles on the market (V2G included) is guaranteed, as the interoperability with all electric vehicle. Our SECC manages EV interfaces such as IEC 61851 signals (ControlPilot, ChargePermission, Lock, etc) and PLC (GreenPhy) and has the required signals for CCS2/Combo (DIN SPEC70121, ISO15118- 2, ISO15118-20) and CHAdeMO communications. Our supply equipment communication controller have been integrated and operated on the field by several European charging stations manufacturers.

Our state of the art EVCC is one of the top technologies available, with all required signals for CCS/Combo (DIN70121 and ISO15118) protocol. It embeds a powerful processor which runs communications stack and other demanding customer applications (customer master, etc).  It is aimed to be integrated in systems that need to by charged according to CCS protocol (ESS, EV, truck, boat, etc).