Supply Equipment Comunication Controller (SECC)

Ref. EVI-Cx-Ax 



1 GB RAM, 32 GB of eMMC Flash
Processor quad-core at 1.2GHz
USB port peripheral extension (Wi-Fi, ethernet)
CryptoReady with integrated secure crypto processor (only on HW revision 1.2)
Chipset (microcontroller based) for safety and IEC 61851 functions
Cable temperature measurement
CANopen compatible interface

EVI is a Supply Equipment Communication Controller (SECC) with dual EV charging standard support: CCS/Combo and CHAdeMO. EV communications software stack can be pre-installed for Combo (DIN70121 and ISO15118) and CHAdeMO or you can use your own stacks. In addition, EVI is capable of acting as a main controller for the charging process. It is compatible with:

  • EVSE supervisor (via CANopen bus)
  • Power Units for DC charging (MPU-25)

An optional extension board (EVIX) can add additional functions such as 6 drivers for DC contactors and hardware-based addressing of 6 power units.

Electrical characteristics

Operating temperature-10°C to 70°C
CSS protocolDIN70121 and ISO15118
CHAdeMO protocol0.9 to 1.2
StandardsIEC 61851 signals (ControlPilot, ChargePermission) and CHAdeMO signals (SEQ1, SEQ2, Lock)
Insulation Monitoring Device (IMD)Yes
Cable temperature Yes
Battery voltage measurementYes