Development Inverter Stack 100 kW

Ref. DIS-R3-450-400


DIS-R3-450-400 development inverter stack Download the datasheet


Safely test and iterate your algorithm faster on a real PMSM motor with a ready-to-use inverter set-up design. Typical applications include Electric Vehicle Motor controllers, Educational and Industrial Supplies.

Different versions available:

  • DIS-R3-450-400 includes Power Stack only: motor control to be done via an external real-time control target. Plug and play with dSPACE© MicroLabBox, compatible with Speedgoat©, Opal-RT© rapid development systems.
  • DIS-R3-450-400-CTRL includes Power Stack, Controller, Pre-programmed Firmware: full system ready to drive a motor with hundreds of parameters to tune the controller.
  • DIS-R3-450-400-CTRL-MBD includes Power Stack, Controller, Firmware as a provided Simulink Model: full system ready to drive a motor. The control loop is easy to customize via a Simulink Model and Embedded Coder code generation.

Product part of The Mathworks Connection Program.


Electrical characteristics

Dimensions19” rack, 3U, 310mm depth
DC Input450 VDC
Phases currentUp to 250 Arms
Output powerUp to 100kW
Switching frequencyUp to 20kHz
EfficiencyUp to 95%
Operating temperature5°C to 50°C
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