Development Inverter Stack 2*10 kW

Ref. DIS-R3-750-D20


DIS-R3-750-D20 product


Compact design
DC Link capacitor included
Interface to most common sensors included
Deadtime generation forced to prevent shorts
Thermal monitoring with NTC measurements
Integrated protections including programmable OVLO and OCP
Integrated forced air cooling

Safely test and iterate your algorithm faster on a real PMSM motor with a ready-to-use inverter set-up design. Typical applications include Electric Vehicle Motor controllers, Educational and Industrial Supplies.

DIS is a dual power inverter designed to be directly compatible dSPACE© MicroLabBox or SpeedGoat rapid development targets.

It features a dual motor driver with fast measurements and embedded protections. It enables to run high power motors controlled by Simulink model using a compatible real-time target.

Electrical characteristics

DimensionsDimensions: 19” rack, 3U
DC Input750 VDC
Phases currentUp to 20 Arms
Output powerUp to 2*10kW
Switching frequencyUp to 20kHz
EfficiencyUp to 97%
Operating temperature5°C to 50°C