11 kW Bidirectional Power Unit, DC/DC


The BMPU-R2-DC is a 11 kW Bidirectional Power Unit, DC/DC isolated converter capable of bidirectional conversion between a DC grid and an EV battery.

It features a modular design capable of parallel operation and can be used as a part of a very high power system.

Typical application: electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) supplied by ESS or DC grid.


Grid power regulation, EV battery current and voltage regulation.
Compatibility with IEC 61851-1(ed 3.0), IEC 61851-23 (ed 1.0)
Compatibility with CurrentOS standard for DC grids
Integrated fuse on EV battery side 
Integrated forced air cooling with fan speed control
Integrated protections including pre-charge on EV battery side, OCP, OTP and UVLO
CANopen compatible digital bus with advanced monitoring

Electrical characteristics

Dimensions19” rack, 2U, 360.6mm depth
(448.4 x 360.6 x 88 mm converter without handles)
Grid DC voltage500 V (800V for -HV version)
EV DC voltage500 V
EV DC current±32A
Output power±11kW
EfficiencyUp to 95%
Operating temperature-10°C to 70°C