Services and customer support

Services and customer support

Our team of experts is committed to offer high quality services and efficient customer support to maintain our cutting-edge products at their highest level of efficiency throughout their entire life cycle in the customer application. No matter what your question is, we are there for you in every phase of your project, and we bind ourselves to answer to any request and query you may have, in the shortest time possible. 


Continuous improvement & repairs
We are committed to continuously improve our products. If a fault is detected on one of our products, we will carry-out a complete failure analysis in our laboratory equipped with state-of-the art measurement technology.

Our products are designed to be repairable. We will repair the faulty product under warranty under 10 days.

Reliability on the long run
We offer to extend the lifetime of our products up to 10 years from the date of delivery. For the duration of this period, if one of the product is faulty, we will quickly supply a new product of the same reference or a compatible product.

Commitment on EVSE performance 

W&W is committed to support customer in deploying and maintaining high availability EVSEs.

We offer three levels of software maintenance: Basic, Standard and Premium.

  • All these offers entitle you to the benefits of preventive actions such as software updates and periodic testing on vehicles to verify the conformity and the interoperability of the solutions. 
  • Standard and Premium software maintenance also entitles you to the benefits of corrective actions, performance monitoring and improvement processes.
  • A Key Performance Indicator (KPI), defined as the proportion of charging sessions that end successfully compared with the last 100 charging sessions initiated on the EVSE, will be followed each week by W&W in order to monitor the performance.
  • The time required to take corrective action depends on the EVSE performance level and on whether you have chosen the Standard or Premium software maintenance, as explained in the table below.

Basic Maintenance Standard Maintenance
Premium Maintenance
Follow-up and improvement of KPIFollow-up meetingsXX
KPI tool and anlysesXX
Failure analyses and correctionsXX
UpdatesSoftware updatesXXX
Update toolsXXX
OS security updatesXXX
Periodic test with EVLab test

Delays between correction, if W&W responsibility is engaged (in working days)
Level 3 failure
KPI lower than 80%
4 weeks2 weeks
Level 2 failure
KPI between 80 and 95%
9 weeks5 weeks
Level 1 failure
KPI between 95 and 100%
52 weeks26 weeks

Minimum commitment of 1 year. The cost depends on Charge Points number & SLA, feel free to contact us if you want more details.

Support throughout your project's life

Our team will define your actual requirements and discuss the options available to provide a reliable and cost-effective solution. Through our technical expertise and guidance, we can swiftly determine and assess your demands and the potential risks to offer the solutions best suited for your needs. 

With a strong R&D team and experienced technical professionals, we help our customer to quickly integrate our solutions. Remote or on-site support can be proposed by our technical expert to help you in the integration of our solutions in your system. We also provide wide and comprehensive technical documentations to help the customer in this process. Thanks to our support, the first charge can be done in 3 days only.

With a strong field expertise, we provide rapid and efficient after-sales assistance to quicken the resolution of any problems appeared on site. Our expertise in power electronics and EVSE communication protocols helps us offer prompt and professional after-sales service to our customers.