25kW 500V Modular Power Unit

Ref. MPU-R3-500-63-FD



Compatible with CCS (IEC 61851) and CHAdeMO EVSEs
Output voltage up to 500V and 25kW (series connection of outputs allows up to 950V operation)
Integrated output fuse and reverse diode
Integrated forced air cooling with fan speed control
Integrated protections including AC and DC pre-charge, OCP, OTP and UVLO
CANopen compatible digital bus with advanced monitoring
CE marked

The MPU is a 25 kW EV charging module, able to convert power from AC tri-phase grid to DC EV battery. It features a modular design capable of parallel operation and can be used as a part of a high power system such as 150 and 300 kW EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment systems). This DC power module is compatible with smart charging (V1G) and can dynamically apply limitations on its grid current consumption.

Electrical characteristics

Dimensions19” rack, 3U, 567.5mm depth
Input400V 3-phases AC (3P+N+PE), 50 Hz
Output voltage50–500V DC
Output current63A max
Output power25kW
EfficiencyUp to 95%
Power factor> 0.99
Operating temperature-25°C to 70°C