EV Charger Infrastructure

Providing power units which are a key component of DC charging stations.

EV power train &
On-Board Charger

Exploring innovative concepts, quickly building prototypes and participating in the whole development process of new equipment.

Smart Grid ESS/V2G

Shaping a sustainable future for electric mobility with smart grid technologies.

Heavy Duty Vehicles, Trucks and Bus

Developing hybrid or pure electric powertrains to enhance manufacturers' products.



Modular Power Unit

MPU is an EV charging module, able to convert power from AC tri-phase grid to DC EV battery. It features a modular design capable of parallel operation and can be used as a part of a high-power systems such as 150 and 360 kW Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment systems (EVSEs).

11 kW Bidirectional Modular Power Unit

11 kW Bidirectional Modular Power Unit

Designed for smart grid (V2G, V2H, V2L) applications, BMPU-R2-500-32 is a modular grid-tied inverter capable of bidirectional conversion between AC (grid) and DC (EV battery). Its innovative four-phase design enables operation in three-phase 16A (with or without neutral) or single phase 32A. This module supports three modes: G2V (charging battery from grid), V2G(discharging battery into the grid), V2L (creating AC grid using battery power).

EVIS511 Topview


EVI is a Supply Equipment Communication Controller (SECC) with dual EV charging standard support: CCS/Combo and CHAdeMO. A powerful processor runs the EV communications stack and other demanding applications (e.g., OCPP, and EVSE master).


Watt & Well  is an innovative power electronics company that operates as a power unit manufacturer for fast EV chargers in the e-mobility market. We have invested more than €15 million in R&D for power electronics thus far and have had a compound annual growth rate of 30% for the past 12 years.

Our Goal is to foster adoption of electric vehicles by helping the charging process to be both more affordable and smarter to minimize the impact on the electric grid.

Our Strategy is to position ourselves as an equipment manufacturer for EV chargers (Tier 1). Therefore, we do not build the charging point (EVSE) itself in order to not compete with our clients.

We position ourselves at the second stage of the value chain. In doing so, we focus on providing highly technological power conversion and communication modules.

This strategy allows the best value from the high engineering investment required for such a complex system (e.g. design, qualification, certification, and industrialization) which must be mutualized among a family of chargers to be profitable.

Our Objective is to accelerate in the market for EV charging. This market will be disrupted by 2025, as the EV charger will become smarter with the emergence of Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology. As a pioneer in V2G technology, we have built a strong network across the V2G value chain and propose unique engineering services to boost our customers’ EV expansion. Watt & Well has the facilities to design, test and manufacture highly technological products in Europe (two locations in France) and North America (U.S. subsidiary).

First OBC design for a lead OEM

Our first foray in the V2G world
(Renault Fluence)

Watt Consulting becomes Watt & Well.
Our MPU-R3 series enter mass production

New production facilities are implemented to scale-up

Launch of our BMPU-R3 series. First deployment of our V2G converters in a vehicle fleet (Porto Santo)

First release of the W&W SECC named EVI for Electrical Vehicle Interface


  • EVI product is now a SECC managing CCS, CHA, 920V, and integrating Insulation Measurment Device, a critical function of EVSE.
  • Ramp-up of MPU and SECC production: new production facilities (doubling area).
  • BMPU-R2 deployed as prototype in 10 countries in the world.


  • Production is maintained despite of components shortages.
  • BMPU-R2: qualification and CE marking, implementation of grid codes (EN50549, VDE R N 4015, IEEE 1547).
  • EVI now manages Bidirectional Power Transfer


  • Doubling R&D team
  • New version of MPU (30kW, 920V, 100A, CE & UL)
  • Integration of 15118-20 and OCPP in SECC
  • DC input version of BMPU










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Pascal Idoux – Production Manager

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Maël Guilbaud – CTO

"Joining the innovative company Watt & Well is for me a great opportunity to discover a multicultural work environment where the sense of community and ideas sharing are essential values. Along with the human aspect, collaborating with highly qualified colleagues gives me the ability to enhance my technical skills. Furthermore, working at Watt & Well makes me an efficient member in an ambitious project that keeps moving toward a sustainable future."

Rédha Meghnous – PhD, Control Systems Engineer